Big Ups with Dale Barrie from Kept Records


In today’s Big Ups interview we have Dale Barrie. Dale hails from Calgary, Alberta Canada and puts out vinyl records. He just doesn’t put out vinyl records, he puts out GOOD vinyl records. His record label, Kept Records, if you’re not aware, has been putting out some heavy 7″ Funk and Psych Funk goodness for a minute now. With bands like Seattle’s Polyrhyhmics, Hard Proof, Brownout, and the Turkish boy wonder Alpman releasing heat, 2013 is shaping up to be a great year for the label. With more recognition of this boutique label by the record buying public, Dale is a busy man. It is with great pleasure that I bring this interview to you today. Nothing makes me more happy here at FMF than a person doing big things with their passion, and excelling at what they love. In Dale’s case it’s putting out solid 45 rpm records (soon to be full lengths) and making a lot of DJs and/or music enthusiasts and collectors quite happy. His batches are small and in limited quantities, so when they are gone, they’re gone. Don’t miss a chance to get in on this label’s discography early, as the releases are definitely worth it. We’ve had a few label owners here in the past on Big Ups, and it’s always great to hear this kind of perspective. Enjoy and thanks for reading.


More information about Kept Records here.

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