Diggin’ In the Dirt

Dirt-Dawg-by-Clinch Photo by Danny Clinch

I get a lot of emails every day asking me all kinds of questions….so instead of answering each one individually, I figured I’d start a new section called Diggin’ In the Dirt, Q & A with Flea Market Funk. I’ve assembled a panel of experts on DJing, digging, equipment, vinyl record and Hip Hop culture and more to answer each one. These questions should not limited to the topics I’ve mentioned. Our experts aren’t above giving advice about all kinds of things. We’re going to give it to you straight whether you like it or not, so get out your pen and paper…um, keyboard and start asking. Send all your questions to:


Who’s got something that they have been afraid to ask? Ask away, and when we respond, we will just use your initials here for privacy. If you want to start some topic and or debate, I’ll be leaving the comments open on each individual page of the question, while putting the question and answer on a dedicated page here.

Flea Market Funk, always diggin’ and bringing the vinyl record community together one record (or answer) at a time. Keep Diggin’!

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