The Grits – Psycho


While we all wait for another single from UK Funk outfit The Grits, the band is busy giving away free music. Who doesn’t want some free music, especially a bang up cover of The Sonics? With a heavy drum break and fuzz to start, the Grits manage to keep it shaking and fuzzy throughout. If this is just a warm up to tide you over for the new 7″, I’m thinking that this upcoming record is going to be as they say “the dog’s bollocks” or “the mutt’s nuts”. I’m hearing ghosts of the Turtle’s “Buzz Saw” guitar riff and some dubbed out Black Ark studio influence in there as they channel their inner proto Punk stepchild and bring him to a Funk Dub playdate. Big shoes to fill, I know, but The Grits do a good job lending their sound to this tribute to the Tacoma, Washington band. The new 45 will be produced by Stuart Carter and will be their first release on their own imprint, Hamhock Records. Grits, hamhocks, all this food talk is getting me hungry, time to cook up some bacon. We’ll keep you posted on the upcoming release from this great band. Until then, get your Psycho on.

Check out the original below:

More info on The Grits here.

Keep Diggin’!

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