Diggin’ In The Dirt 05.10.13

What is with the Star Wars obsession with every DJ? It seems like most of the DJs have some sort of Star Wars fetish with the records, figures, images, etc. Can you give us your opinion on that?- RJ from Chicago, IL

That question has definitely come up more than once in conversation RJ. My guess is that most of the DJS that are into Star Wars grew up in that period. Star Wars was the first over the top budgeted and marketed space movie with a huge amount of characters (and merchandise to go with it) that kids could grab on to. Some of these kids grew up to be DJs. We are all collectors in one way or another, and it extends further than records for some people. Speaking from personal experience, I have bought every single Star Wars record that I came across in the field. From a dialogue picture disc of the movie to the 45 of the Imperial March to The Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the Jedi records and more, I scoop them up. They’re good to have for production and live shows as well. The series itself struck a chord with me as a child that I have always carried with me. I’m pretty sure my parents took me to see it at a Drive In theater, so it holds a special place for me. I have original Star Wars material that I made curtains out of in my studio. When I toured I used to drape my DJ rig with Empire Strikes Back sheets. I still have a lot of love for the original trilogy and everything that goes with it. I’m not the only one. I recently saw an interview with Egon from Now Again and he had a Boba Fett helmet on a shelf with his records. ITalk about next level. I think that DJs (and producers) have a lot of respect for the work that George Lucas left us with Star Wars as a brand and while they were young were playing with Millenium Falcons, Land Speeders and C3P0 figures. It’s a culture thing. Neil Young even had his stage hands dressed as Jawas moving equipment around in the Live Rust movie. The Star Wars movie itself was that powerful and left an impression on a lot of people. I just want to know where you can get one of those 3D chess sets that Chewbacca was playing with in Episode IV, that’s all I ever wanted as a kid.


DJ Prestige runs the site Flea Market Funk, digs for records, chases his kids around, and preserves the music and artists of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Reggae and Hip Hop one record at a time. He has been known to like Star Wars as well.

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