Big Ups with Roger Bong From Aloha Got Soul


This week’s Big Ups brings up to the Hawaiian Islands, where we visit Roger Bong, who runs the very cool site called Aloha Got Soul. Roger focuses on Hawaiian music, specifically Funk and Soul that originated from Hawaii. This is the first project that documents and highlights this very specific genre of Black Hawaiian music that I know of. Heralded by people like Craig Charles and Trip Magazine among others, I’m very excited to bring this to the pages of FMF today. Last month, Roger released Hawaiian Salt, an all Hawaiian Funk and Soul mix that is “Local Made, Local Played”. This mix is one of those that you need to play on a sunny day, grab a drink, a book, and relax. Thank You Roger for starting this very unique project and sharing this music with the record collectors from outside of Hawaii. We’re looking forward to checking out more of these Hawaiian gems and what you dig up around the islands. Enjoy this truly unique project.


Check out Hawaiian Salt below:

Visit Aloha Got Soul here.

Keep Diggin’!

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