Soul Time In Hawaii


We’re happy to announce that Big Up alum Roger Bong from Aloha Got Soul has a new project out. For those of you not in the know, Roger is a crate digger and DJ out of Hawaii who specializes in Hawaiian Funk, Soul, Disco and anything funky out of the islands. His last effort, Hawaiian Salt was a beautiful blend of this music, packaged up lovely like a mix should be. Now you would think that a crate digger who specializes in Hawaiian Funk, drum breaks and other soulful music from the 50th state would be a lone wolf. Besides Muro, who put out a mix years ago of only Hawaiian stuff, when we thought of this genre we went right to Roger. Who knew that someone half way around the world in London would be digging for the same kind of stuff? We didn’t.

“As the days and months go on, this project will grow to represent something more than a mixtape of rare grooves or a garment of top quality. For me, this is the building and strengthening of relationships across oceans amongst a group of people with a mutual passion for learning, creating, exploring, and searching out something new”.-Roger Bong, Aloha Got Soul

That’s where Cedric Bardawil aka UK DJ Deux Spin comes into the picture. He’s a Hawaiian Funk and Soul collector and DJ as well out of London, and through their shared love of this music have come up with a joint collaboration. They bring you limited edition, hand printed tee shirts from Cedric’s company Weekend West based on the 1967 Soul Jazz album Soul Time In Hawaii from Hawaiian musician Ohta San. As an accompaniment to the limited edition shirts, Aloha Got Soul mixed up an all-vinyl soundtrack of proper Soul, Funk and Disco music from the Hawaiian Islands aptly called Soul Time In Hawaii. To celebrate the collaboration, the two will be hosting parties in London and Honolulu on the same night, March 22nd. This is a unique combination, and one we really dig here at Flea Market Funk.


Saturday, March 22
Bevy (661 Auahi St, Honolulu, 96813)
with DJs Roger Bong and Oliver Seguin
No cover // 4pm – 9pm // Vinyl only

Saturday, March 22
Brilliant Corners (470 Kingsland Road, E8 4AE)
with DJs Cedric Bardawil and Mark ‘Goodvibes’ Taylor
No cover // 6pm – 12am // Vinyl only

RSVP the event here.

Check out Aloha Got Soul here.

Check out DJ Deux Spin here.

Keep Diggin’!

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