Speedometer – Happy


Here’s a nice little treat for your ears to start your weekend off right. When this original song was released as a single by Pharell, there was a video of a girl dancing to the track followed by Velvet Hammer’s “Happy”. Both tracks are belters. The modern one just an updated version, carrying the Northern Soul spirit with it. Fast forward a bit and Speedometer are in the studio messing about. What started out just as a jam for fun, had become a growing request for the band. The overwhelming response to the YouTube video below was so much, that they recorded it and put it out to the public. The band turn this Pop hit into a hit of their own, infusing it with a Northen Soul/ Soul Jazz instrumental feel. Known for their funkiness, Speedomter’s fresh take (and timing) of this side couldn’t be better. No matter how you feel about the original or Skateboard P himself, the song is catchy. That can not be denied. What Speedometer add to this already good song, is something for everyone. Funksters, Northern Soul dancers, and Jazz lovers alike can move and groove to this smoothed out monster. I even hear a little Latin influence in there as well, the more the merrier. And who better to cover this track and put their special spin on it than Speedometer? This band has been killing it on the scene and releasing great 7″s for a long time. Dominated by the organ and guitar, their version of “Happy” swings like no other. Just try not to sit still in your chair. We dare you. No word on a 7″ as of yet, it’s just a digital tune for now. Our vote here at FMF is: get this thing pressed!

Get the track from the Freestyle Records web shop.

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