JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound Howl On Their New Record


On their second Bloodshot release, JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound mix their version of Soul (and it is true Soul) with their Post Punk influence quite lovely. Whether it’s The Jam influenced title track “Howl” (tell me you don’t hear ghosts of “A Town Called Malice” on this one), a stab at the Gospel on “River”, fuzzy Soul in “Ordinary”, a quick nod to Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam in the way he delivers lyrics on “Security”, or Pop music on “Before You Die”, this second, more polished record strengthens the already solid band’s sound even further. If you hear Al Green on this record, you should. If you hear Sly Stone on this record, you should. If you think you hear The Cure on this record, well you’re not crazy. You should. The band channels their inner Cure on “Not Alone” while proving that a steady diet of Prince and The Bad Brains mixed in with classic Soul icons will produce a unique sound. Whether they meant it or not, the lyrics in the aforementioned “Ordinary”: “I believe we can crush the old guard….” resonate loudly. Big shoes to fill for sure, and I believe that their effort to rise to the top and carry on the old sound even better is not far fetched. Authors of their own book of melodies, this hard working band is on par with the work ethic and determination as well as the sound of the late 60’s/early 70’s Soul acts, all in the modern sense. Think Old to the new (and improved). Recorded in December 2012 in Montreal and produced by Howard Bilerman of Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade fame, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound took the raw Soul from their first effort Want More and expanded the core sound to freely move in other directions. It works like a charm. Keeping that Soul base, with tinges of R & B plus the raw power of his voice, this record is definite hit already. Look out for this unique band in your area soon. The full length drops on May 21st.

Pre-order the full length from Bloodshot Record here.

Ordinary by JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound from their upcoming Howl release 5.21.13

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