Myron & E – If I Gave You My Love

We’ve been huge champions of Myron & E here at Flea Market Funk since their first release on Timmion Records with The Soul Investigators. It only seems like the natural progression from indie Soul label to über indie label Stones Throw for their full length release Broadway on July 2nd. If you’re not up to date on who these guys are, here’s the short of it. While I was surprised (not really) to see them on Stones Throw, it just seems like a good fit (much respect to Timmion as well), these two are making true Soul music. Sounding more like ’69 than 2013, “If I Gave You My Love” is chock full of harmonies, hard punching drums and horn stabs that Curtis and Edwin Starr would be proud of. You see, their version of sweet Soul in unmatched in today’s game. Sure there are retro outfits that play Soul music in their own way and do it well, but no one is doing it as a duo like Myron & E. Their live shows have been selling out quickly which is a good indication of what’s to come. There was only one Sam and Dave, Bob & Earl, Mel & Tim, and for sure there is only one Myron & E. These cats do it right, do it thorough, and keep the tradition of what Soul music really is through their music. Check out the video below:

More info on Broadway here.

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2 responses to “Myron & E – If I Gave You My Love

  1. E da Boss is an old buddy of mine from around 1985 or so. one of the heavy hitters that really helped shape my musical tastes. Soooo darn happy this record is finally coming out!!

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