Big Ups with Ian Wright


The name Ian Wright may not ring a bell to a lot of you, but it should. Ian was one of the innovators (along with Keb Darge) in the scene shifting from Northern Soul to Deep Funk, especially in the 7″ game. His re-edits and remixes of tracks gained notoriety in the scene, and his involvement in the Sister Funk compilations is legendary. If you haven’t heard them, well you need to catch up to speed. It’s with great pleasure that I bring Ian Wright to the pages of the Big Ups series this week. He was buying all the records you want now, but years before. You will never turn up a clean copy of “Hung Up” these days by luck. Wright had the foresight to grab all these now classic rare groove and Deep Funk records back then, the sounds that shaped the scene. Enjoy another heavyweight in the record game this week.


Check out Ian Wright live from this past year at The Soul Inn

Keep Diggin’!

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