Analog Players Society – Hurricane Season In Brooklyn



This just came across the FMF desks from the homie Kamui and it’s some hot fiyah. The Brooklyn collective known as Analog Players Society is a bastion of players from the likes of TV On the Radio, Tortured Soul, Escort, Beirut, Si*Se, Blitz the Ambassador and Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble. These musicians make up the core of this project. The project itself is all about getting people up on their feet and dancing all night long. In other words, no wall flowers people, they need you on the dance floor pronto. Touching on Dub, Soul, Afro Beat, and dance floor Jazz among other genres, Analog Players Society gets raw with hard drums, horns, piano and a stand up bass. They are laptop free in the place to be and generate a big sound all their own. With covers such as a dubbed out version of Shannon’s “Let The Music Play”, Nu-Shooz’s “I Can’t Wait” with more cowbell and riddim than you’ve ever heard as well as Wang Chung’s “Dancehall Days” done in a Reggae style, these three go perfect along side the 1990’s Acid Jazz throwback track “Free”, the Nu-Jazz sound of “Hurricane Season In Brooklyn” (big tune!), and the jazzy “Just A Day” (in Brooklyn) among other Booker T.-esque and down tempo tracks as well. On a whole, the genre bending collective take you on a fantastic ride through Brooklyn’s eclectic music scene all on one record. Produced by Amon out of the Red Hook studio Studio Brooklyn, these musicians put down a timeless sound that has been praised by NPR, WKCR, Giant Step and everyone in between. Slated for a 9/25 CD releases and a 10/1 vinyl release, you can check out the tracks and get a digital version of this amazing band right now from their website. Brooklyn’s music scene never stops, and with this recent effort by Analog Players Society, there are no signs of stopping any time soon. In years to come, APS will be looked at as a leader of a musical movement, one that brings all people of all colors together one at a time on the dance floor, only to have them leave together as a unified group. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Brooklyn Stand Up!, good music is here to stay.

Keep Diggin’!

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