Independent Grand


If you are a vinyl collector or DJ, you will go to great lengths to get your vinyl fix. Whether digging at the flea, yard sale or thrift or virtually digging online (ebay or record store on the web), you get the record. All of you have experienced a shipping dilemma at one time or another. You get a record cheap but the shipping is twice the price. You buy a record overseas and get gouged by the shipping prices. It works both ways: the seller is getting gouged as well. This affects business all around. Here’s where a group of the biggest names in NYC independent record labels has come together to fight the ever increasing shipping rates and offer the record buyer a selection that is like no other. Meet Independent Grand. At the moment, Independent Grand is comprised of NYCTrust, Electric Cowbell Records, and Concent Productions. These three have put their already successful record companies (who have successful e-commerce sites in their own right) together to help combat the recent price gouging and increase of shipping rates so the consumer (domestic and international) can easily afford their specialty releases. Here’s what they have to say in their own words: Independent Grand was “formed to provide a unique and curated selection of records and labels. Stock is limited and specifically chosen to promote and support the business and culture of independent vinyl labels and small-run record releases. You will be hard pressed to find another store with such a select yet expansive collection of new records.”

“What began as a bitter conversation about the increasing USPS rates simply turned into a positive idea. We just wanted to create an outlet that showed some solidarity…an outlet that featured and fostered ‘local’ flavor, not necessarily in the geographical sense, but within the concept of showcasing and supporting independently run businesses & artists within our community.”- Eric Banta, Owner Names You Can Trust

By bundling these different record company’s records together, it gives the vinyl buyer a chance to get the goods to them at a more affordable rate. Currently stocking records from labels such as Daptone, Soundway, Sofrito, PPU, Omega Supreme, Black Pearl, Bastard Jazz and a growing list every day, Independent Grand is a one stop shop for unique record releases. So many online stores just want to make their money, offer bad customer service with overpriced shipping rates and think they can get away with it. They act like the consumer owes them something because they are “hip”, so it’s a refreshing blast of cool air that Independent Grand has committed themselves to this venture. This will ultimately benefit the vinyl record buyer, by not only offering them these unique record presses in one place, but also by saving them some dough on shipping. Who doesn’t like that? As mentioned earlier, their roster is growing every day, so watch out for even more record labels to join the party as time rolls on. Good times all around.

Check out the new Independent Grand site here.

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