Lil Dap – Real MC’s


Bring it back come rewind! Freqnik and WDRE continue their 7″ domination of releases with a collaboration with Lil Dap, formerly of Group Home. Group Home’s “Livin’ Proof”, fueled by the production of DJ Premier put the group on the map. With guest appearances on a few Gangstarr albums, Group Home were standout members of the clique. Since the last GH record in 1999, Dap has gone solo, releasing an effort in 2001 and doing guest appearances on records by Guru and Large Professor after that. More than 10 years later, he pairs up with these two Strong Island producers. Freqnik and WDRE flex their production chops with this release. The proof is in the pudding with their previous beats and remixes, a wide variety of Funk, Hip Hop, Library Funk and classic remixes, so it’s a natural progression that they would keep it moving with a 90’s classic artist.

The beat itself is a definite throwback to the Golden Age. Simple but effective, it let’s Dap do what he does best, that’s flow. Older, and more mature, his voice is a bit more gruff than on classics like “Livin’ Proof” or “Supa Star”, but 18 years later, you would expect nothing less. The music business is hard enough, and I give Dap a lot of credit for getting back up on the horse and getting it done once again. Released on color vinyl, file this under boutique Hip Hop vinyl releases. Pressed in a limited amount, this is a definite keeper. The flip side is produced by Cash Flow. If you love 7″s and love Hip Hop, this record is for you. Let’s call it a joint for the mature backpacker.

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!


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