Big Ups with Sloppy White


For those of you not familiar with Sloppy White aka Scott Williams, today is the day you get familiar. Not only is Scott one of the most bad ass graphic designers out there today, he is also a DJ and part of the Soul Summit team out of the City of Wind, Chicago, IL. I was already familiar with the Summit, a party that’s been packing them in since 2010. However, in a freak chance, I bought one of his prints for the MCA tribute in Chicago and have been a fan of his work ever since. The Soul Summit has had some great guest DJs and is the Funk and Soul party to get down to in Chi-town. It’s with great pleasure that I bring you this talented graphic designer, digger, and DJ to the pages of Flea Market Funk this week. Cubs win! Enjoy.


Check out Scott Williams Design here.

Check out more info on the Soul Summit here.

Keep Diggin’!

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