Headphone Review: Sol Republic Master Tracks


If you are a DJ and you have been doing it for a long time, you go through headphones. In fact, I have probably gone through 20+ pairs of headphones in as many years. I think that’s a bit conservative as well. Sony, Technics, Audio Technia, Pioneer, Nixon, Panasonic, JVC, you name it, I went through a pair of them. Today, I’ll be reviewing a revolutionary new pair of headphones that I believe are changing the game. Sol Republic has made a name for themselves with their unique headphones. While most headphones are held together by screws, Sol Republic took the best parts of the headphones and made them separate components. They slide together and lock into place, which works on so many levels. How many times have you put your headphone in your soft (usually provided), drawstring pouch after a gig only to have them smashed after you closed your bag and traveled? This is a sad reality, it happens more often than not. How many times have the cords got caught on something and yanked right out of the headphone? There are so many different disaster scenarios, but Sol Republic looks like they covered all their bases.

Let’s start with the separate components. The virtually indestructible FlexTech™ Sound Track headband is constructed of an advanced polymer compound, and can withstand a major amount of abuse. That’s a plus because headphones are notorious for having the headband break. Unless you want to rock the ‘one headphone on a stick 70’s Disco look’, you’re pretty much out of luck when this happens. They also offer a variety of colors and artist inspired designs, so you can quickly customize your headphones with your own look. The Articulating SonicSoft™ Speaker cushions provide maximum comfort and noise isolation, while the X3 Sound Engines pack some powerful bass and a clarity in the highs and vocals. These babies are light. Weighing in at 243 grams, the headphones don’t add much weight to your already bogged down DJ bag. They also come with their own waterproof carrying bag. I have yet to see one company that has offered that option. Most offer some sort of pleather pouch or their own soft zipper case that is a hindrance in your already packed bag. Since I got these headphones, I’ve used them extensively and they are by far, hands down, some of the best headphones I have gotten my hands on. Not just the sound quality, but the portability of the headphones themselves, as well as the simple, not annoying, untangled cord that is included (which also can be used on some devices as a volume control and microphone). Other headphone companies take note: you do not need to include some high end cords cork screw cords, that while they may deliver some great audio quality to the headphones, really get caught on everything you brush up against while DJing. In this day and age, there are so many options in material and design to make your headphone cord(s) simple yet effective. Sol Republic has got that down as well. These guys go the extra mile to actually cater to the consumer and make it more of what the headphones are: a lifestyle and culture choice. That’s makes a huge difference to a DJ like me, who travels sometimes, commutes to gigs here in NYC, and also spends a decent time in a studio using headphones. They are taking the best in sound quality, comfort, and extras (like the customization and mic/volume controls) to give you a well rounded, durable product. Well done Sol Republic, we’re looking forward to more of your forward thinking and progression as you push headphone design further into the future.

Learn more about Sol Republic headphones here.

Look for a Flea Market Funk x Sol Republic contest to win some headphones in the very near future. Stay tuned.

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