Vinylize Record Adapters


When I first saw these upcycled vinyl 45 record adapters (or record centers as they are sometimes called), I thought: why hasn’t this ever been done before? Vinylize is a company based out of Budapest, Hungary that hand makes eyeglasses out of recycled vinyl records. It’s a process that has been refined over many years, and has been quite successful. They are one of the only companies in the world that is fusing style, vinyl records, music, and recycling. So when they realized that there were leftovers from the manufacturing of each of the eyeglass frames, they had a brilliant idea. Why not use the leftover material and upcycle them into beautiful, one of a kind record adapters?

At first glance, the adapters are not perfect circles, so you get a bit thrown off. However, they fit perfectly inside the 45 and are sturdy. They are lighter than say the metal cones, but heavier than those cheapie plastics cones that are out there (and stay put better while the record is spinning). A middle ground as far as weight goes, that is effective and a work of art too. You can see the record grooves at the bottom of the adapter, and the top coat has a piece of acetate stamped with the Vinylize logo in gold. These adapters are for playing however, as the odd shapes definitely work to play. I wouldn’t scratch with them. Use your Donut rugs or large cones for those 45 routines kids. You can use these two for those gigs when you’re blending 7″ records all night, and you will stand out as these adapters are one of a kind. This is a great example of a company giving back in so many ways. First off, we all know that there are tons of bad and mediocre records out there that just get thrown out, broken or left to die at the vinyl graveyard. Vinylize is recycling these records into great, green, eco-friendly eye glasses, and using the scraps to give the vinyl a third life in the adapters. These are not widely available yet, so if you get a pair you will be one of the few who is representing Vinylize, doing your part to use green products and help the environment. I’m looking forward to using these outside the studio, and even looking forward more to the reactions of people when they see these unique record centers. Support these people who are doing their best not just for vinyl records, but the environment as well. They also release their own vinyl records via their record label that bears the Vinylize name, so look out for future releases from this unique company.

For now, you can get them here.

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