Funky Bijou Breaks Vol. 2



Coming hot off of Funky Bijou Breaks Vol 1., and a reissue of The Mardo Bump Society 7″, producers Deheb and Marrrtin are back at it again. These two B-Boys have brought their second edition of Funky Bijou to the public and boy is it a banger. Chock full of heavy drums and up rocking anthems, the duo have dug deep to put together a full length lp of body moving tunes. With a wide variety of samples, each break is a different trip around the vinyl world. These tunes are dope on plastic and there is not one bad break. With the instructional dance record inspired “Hoctor Break”, the Bollywood car chase in “Battle Vener”, a blaxploitation thumper “126th Street” the exotic, horn filled “Ptit Bazar Break” (massive break with horns in the middle), you can not go wrong. “The Sunday Break”, an upbeat Disco Boogie break that is perfect for Sunday brunch or filling dance floors, reminds me of a spring road trip in the car. “Ante Up Bijou” borrows heavily from M.O.P., but with the edition of strings, turns the gully, ghetto anthem into a whole different animal. “Negrito Arabico ” adds some dance floor Jazz into the mix, while the outer space jam “Uprock Breaks” takes you through the galaxy of break dancing, graffiti, MCing, and DJing only to land the ship just in time to lace your shell toes tighter for “Rataka Break”. You may recognize the horns from this percussion filled gem, it’s sure to get people out of their seats and moving their feet.

There is a lot of music out there, most of it all bad. That’s not the case with this record. These two know the secret recipe to a good break beat, which is obvious after their success of Funky Bijou Breaks Vol. 1. Volume 2 is equally at home on your turntable at home, in your MP3 player, or at the B-Boy jam a midst windmills, back spins, and body rocking. They cracked the code to a good break record, make it sound like a break record , but also make it appealing to everyone who isn’t a B-Boy. Mission accomplished fellas. Get this funky piece from the link below.

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