Slice of Spice Rises To the Top


Since the inception of this site, I’ve seen labels pop up, drop, and mostly go. They left their one single on 45, 12″ or CD and then ghost. There are stalwarts like Kay Dee that release a steady stream of genres, unique 45s and LPs promoted and backed by Mr. Kenny Dope. However, I wanted to really put Brooklyn’s Slice of Spice on blast here, because they have taken the Hip Hop game by storm. Not only did they hook up with one of the G.O.A.T. in Lord Finesse, they have been churning out records in a way that Hove has been dropping one hot joint every Summer, except that it’s every month for the SOS family. This Spice family includes Lord Finesse, K-Def, Oxygen, Real Live, El Da Sensei, DJ Format, Paul Nice, DaCapo, Grap Luva, The Enforcers, Damu The Fudgemunk, and one offs (and more) from Edan and Mr. Lif, Biz Markie, LL Cool J, Masta Ace and others. For us her at FMF, vinyl has never gone away, and that’s the philosophy for SOS as well, although they do cater with digital downloads, etc. What makes them stand out from the next label is their specialty, boutique vinyl records. Whether it’s a flexi disc, special die cut picture discs, (like a brain for K-Def or the outline of Lord Finesse’s head), colored vinyl, 10″ pressings, or a slew of hand stamped unreleased promos, there has been no Hip Hop label that has gone to this kind of detail with meticulous hand crafted releases. They’re not all show either. The music, whether new or unreleased is top notch. In a day where we get barraged by bad, assembly line releases and artists, Slice of Spice, like Twisted Sister says: “We’re not gonna take it.” They have raised the bar very high, so if you’re thinking of putting out some boutique Hip Hop records, you might want to check out their model, because it’s one of success. Check out a few of the newer SOS releases below:

Get more info, shop for vinyl, and listen to Slice of Spice releases here.

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