Professor Brian Oblivion – Hopscotch b/w Soul Drift


It’s hot enough out there, but I figured since we were in the midst of a heat wave, I’d share this record this is heat with a capital H. One of the better 45s that has come out this Summer, I thought it extremely necessary to get this great side out this week. I first heard this cat on a Kenny Dope mix when his “Feel The Funk” track was highlighted. Professor Brian Oblivion, a left coast producer and DJ has just released this hot 45, which will be available to the public on August 20th. Crafted solely from vinyl record samples, “Hopscotch” has that Boom Bap influence with just enough of organ and horns to keep your head nodding and the dance floor getting down. With a nicely crafted sound (including a drum break and bonus beats), PBO gives us a sneak preview of his sophomore album, dropping in the Fall of 2013. The flip side, “Soul Drift” is an airy, moody, atmospheric journey led by some downbeat drums, a piano riff, and female vocals. His debut record, The Dark Realities Of The Moment, another full length based solely off of vinyl record samples, shows the influence of Gang Starr, DJ Shadow, A Tribe Called Quest and other Golden Era Hip-Hop artists, and incorporates Funk, Rock, Jazz and World style music. This is one that flew under the radar, and is highly recommended as well.

This record also comes with a hand stamped sleeve of the Clockwise logo, a nod to the hand stamped Jamaican records of yesterday. This 45 is so necessary, and for those of you who love that Golden Age sound, it’s right up your alley. Professor Brian Oblivion is nice with the MPC and sample selections, and we are really looking forward to his second record this fall. Check out a sample of the record below.

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Check out his soundcloud page for more sounds.

Keep Diggin’!

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