Czarface – Hazmat Rap


The Wu Tang Clan’s Insecta Deck has teamed up with 7L and Esoteric to form the super group Czarface. This is their first release on Brick records, available through the boutique company The Get Down (who brought you everything from The Pharcyde box set to the Purple Tape to the Ghostface comic book project) has a video for the song “Hazmat Rap”. Directed by MacFarland & Pecci, “Hazmat Rap” is a nod to the Golden era and the 90’s through 7L’s beats (that are banging) and verses from Inspecta Deck and Esoteric that evoke that certain feel we get when we hear drums programmed like that. Dark and brooding, these three make no bones about what they are offering up. There are no tidbits of advice to the listeners, just a “time for this realness” as the sampled scratched throughout says. A head nodder that is simply built around an eerie synth sample and hard punching drums. That’s all. A release that falls in the indie category, but not so far out there that you can’t comprehend it. Don’t get it twisted, it’s indie for a reason. Mainstream Hip Hop doesn’t sound like this, and it never will. We are too far gone in the industry to go back to the 90’s sound altogether (insert sad face), and it’s a shame.


Today’s artists are too caught up in trap music and often forget about what the 90’s were like (maybe because they were too young to even know). Exceptions with a guy like Action Bronson, although I’m not 100% excited at everything he releases. He at least has started to solidify himself as a guy with an old school mind set, production, and a certain sound that keeps it 100 in the realness category. He is as close as a 90’s sound to me today, although I have a hard time with some of the misogynistic lyrics. Czarface have crafted their sounds and are very well respected in the Hip Hop world on their own. I don’t have a problem with what they’re saying (shouts to the ODB reference. 7L and Esoteric have been keeping it real throughout their existence and have managed to build careers on precise producing and intelligent lyrics, while Inspecta Deck has emerged from the Wu family as a talented solo artist as well. File this under make sure you get this record, one of the better releases of the year.

Get the red vinyl release here.

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