Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit


If you haven’t got on the steam locomotive known as Jazz singer Gregory Porter, it’s high time that you get your ticket. After two superb records on the Motéma label, his major label debut, Liquid Spirit is due out on Blue Note Records on September 17th. Finding himself somewhere between Donny Hathaway and straight forward Jazz vocalists, Porter’s music is hard to turn off. I was caught by his “1960 What?” single that had some official and unofficial remixes that were top notch. While the track got me hooked, both full lengths Water and Be Good along with The Work Song EP are some of the best Jazz music out there in the last couple of years.

“Like in the gospel tradition urging the congregation to join in the spirit. People often ask how they can find more music like mine, so the song is a statement of that thirst. Water is the metaphor for the rerouted spirit that is categorized by genre, race, socioeconomic condition. We can all clap. So join in.”- Gregory Porter 2013

The song “Liquid Spirit” is a shift in sound a bit for Porter. While injecting some Soul and R & B into his previous efforts, Porter returns to his Gospel roots (his father was a minister) and delivers us from evil with this spectacular performance on KPLU in Seattle. For Gregory Porter, this may be further explorations into his influences, but for the audience, it’s the aural libations we all have been thirsty for since his last release in 2012. The definition of what good music is today, you can’t deny Porter is what is now. This track is guaranteed to move you, and we are looking forward to this debut on Blue Note in just a little over a month. Catch him at a venue near you.

“Liquid Spirit” live on KPLU

More info on his website.

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  1. All of the positive accolades regarding Gregory Porter were correct. However, his father was absent and it was his mother that was a Minister (I believe Church of God in Christ denomination) . There is a interview with a gentleman from Holland where he states this. He also goes on to say that he wrote his first song at the age of 5 and recorded it on a tape for his Mother to hear when she came home from work. It was called, Once Upon a Time I Had a Dreamboat.” Not that I am a stalker or anything….just another single mom who just wants to make sure HIS mom gets proper credit for the outstanding man and musician that he has become

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