DJ Shadow Live On Diplo & Friends Show


On July 21, 2013 DJ Shadow manned the decks on the BBC 1’s Diplo and Friends Show. You may remember a while back, Shadow was kicked out of a Miami club because his set was called “too future” during a stop on the All Bases Covered tour. He has always been on the forefront of all kinds of music. Whether it be instrumental Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Electronic, Hyphy, Funk, Soul, or a genre named for him, Trip Hop, Shadow has kept things moving forward always in all ways. Weaving seamlessly through tracks from Kendrick Lamar, UGK, DJ Fresh, Riff Raff and his own DJ Shadow tracks and remixes, this live mix gives you a good idea of how the aforementioned tour went. Never one to be stagnant or stuck in one position, the West Coast legend puts together another great set. For those of you expecting some Endtroducing or Brainfreeze type tracks, we’re sorry to say that you’re not going to get that. What you will get is an hour of good music and the possibility of you hearing some tracks you will have never have heard before. That’s a good thing. While it seems Diplo and crew are on the top of the world right now, the addition of Shadow as a guest on their radio show couldn’t have hurt. So sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy this 60 minute mix from DJ Shadow courtesy of Diplo and Friends.


[unknown] – Intro
Nevermind – Technogrime
KaW Hyphy – (Dear Lola Remix)
Donald Krunk – Duck Off The Realness
Helix Whoosh – Ice Dispenser
Terror Danjah – Explode
Bassnector – Rap With A T (Instrumental)
DJ Shadow – Walkie Talkie
Two Fresh X heRobust – Throw That
Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe
DA-10 – Redshift
Bleep Bloop & Patrick Sexx – Really
Zero Cash – Put This Back
Ganz – Folie A’ Deux (G Jones Remix)
Riff Raff – Dolce & Gabbana
DJ Pound – Whpshhhh
Joney – OMG It’s Ethno Music
Cashmere Cat – Secrets + Lies
DJ Shadow – This Time (I’m Gonna Try It My Way)
UZ x Salva – Molly & OJ
Blue Daisy X Unknown Shapes – Rick Ross
Bleep Bloop – Tilt (Koloah Remix)
TNGHT – Acrylics
BANKS – Fall Over (Djemba Djemba Remix)
RNDM X KDNE – #FWTB (feat. Rndm Vader)
Kowton Vs Bashmore – Mirror Song
Housemeister – London
Druid Cloak – Night Touch
Subp Yao – Bottles
Alessio Buso & Dirty Diana – Blow Dem (Trap Transition Remix)
Shox – Hi Grade (DVA’s Hi Emotions Remix)
Wiwek – Angry Birdz
Vado – Killa Wit (feat. Fred The Godson & Jae Millz)
Deft – New York’s Finest
DJ Rashad – Drums Please
Subp Yao – Pull Up (Oneone Remix)
Oneone & Illrock – Mthrfckr
DJ Shadow – Seein’ Thangs (feat. David Banner)
DJ Fresh – Earthquake (Demo Version)
DJ Shadow – Warning Call (feat. Tom Vek)
The Beatles – Come Together
DJ Cooley – Rocker
Taz & Akka – Paul Is Dead
UGK – International Players Anthem (feat. Outkast)
Machine Drum – EyesDontLie (DJ Shadow Remix)

Keep Diggin’!


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