Quantic and Anita Tijoux – Doo Wop (That Thing)


This is exactly what you need for a Thursday morning, a South American vocalist covering the great Lauryn Hill backed by the king of rhythm, Will Holland aka Quantic. Call it Columbia x Chile, call it Cumbia x Hip Hop, we will just call it brilliant. Uniting the music worlds of North and South America, Holland enlisted the help of Chilean MC Anita Tijoux aka Ana Tijoux to help on the project. The lyrics are flipped from English to Spanish by Tijoux, and Quantic’s tropical flavors are infused into this classic track by musicians that played on his Dub/Reggae project Flowering Inferno.

“I wanted to continue on the link with hip hop and Cumbia that I touched on with my Hip Hop En Cumbia EP last year” – Will “Quantic ” Holland

Tijoux is a Grammy nominated artist, and the two hit it off this past year at SXSW and decided to collaborate. Holland, who relocated to Columbia after stints in California and England is currently finishing up a highly anticipated solo record on the Tru Thoughts label, which will be out later this year. For now, you can enjoy this heat. The 45, which comes with a two sided, handmade design by notable Bogotá visual artist Mateo Rivano is definitely one for the record box as well as the picture frame. Bailan!

Buy the vinyl here.

Keep Diggin’!

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