In Praise of CTI Records


Record digging has always been an adventure and from the first time that I dug up a CTI record I was hooked on this very special label. When I found Deodato’s Prelude, little did I know it would be a quest to find as many of Creed Taylor’s masterpieces my whole digging career. The quest for Grover Washington’s “Hydra”, used by Black Moon was further fuel I needed to get doubles of some of these records. They were that good. It was a combination of the glossy covers, the photography, and the music that kept me looking for more. If it wasn’t for Creed Taylor, I wouldn’t have discovered great artists like Joe Farrell, Johnny Hammond, or David Matthews. I wouldn’t feel the power of of Idris Muhammad, Milt Jackson, or Stanley Turrentine in their later years (which were still very good). My good friends over at The Digger’s Union Local 1200 (and many other diggers alike) feel the same way. A little while back, they did an all CTI episode on their BBOX Radio show Enjoy and Be Educated out of DUMBO Brooklyn. I mentioned how much I loved CTI, and they invited me down tomorrow to do a set of some of my favorite CTI stuff. I’ve gathered a bunch of tunes that are off the beaten path. Some Jazz, some Jazz Funk, some Fusion, and plenty of odd covers that Creed Taylor’s roster of artists are known for doing (and doing well). So if you’r around tomorrow from 1-3PM EST, I’ll be laying down a little tribute to one of my favorite producers, Creed Taylor and his stable of artists from CTI, KUDU, Salvation and more.

Go here tomorrow and listen!

Keep Diggin’!

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