Sonny Knight and The Lakers – Hey Girl


If you have not been following the Minneapolis, MN record label Secret Stash, here’s a good time to start. Their previous releases have gone from Deep Funk to African Soul to Boogaloo and more. A solid label doing big things. Their latest, Sonny Knight and the Lakers, combines the best of the old with the best of the new. Knight was first on the Twin Cities bustling music scene in 1965 as a 15 year old recording in a basement on Lake Street. (not too far from the Secret Stash offices now). With his group Little Sonny Knight & The Cymbals, he released a much sought after 45 “Tear On My Pillow” and later was a part of a local group Haze, who’s records are sought after in collecting circles as well. For anyone other than Twin Cities diggers, that might not mean much. Hold tight though, because after you hear this side, it will mean something to you. Knight has linked up with the guys from Secret Stash Records to put out a belter of a 45. “Hey Girl” is Midwest Deep Funk at it’s finest. It sounds a bit like “Go For Yourself” by Soul Tornadoes mixed in with some Dyke and the Blazers and the showmanship of Johnny Otis. Starting off heavy on the drums, it cruises until the big drum break comes in. Sonny’s come hither vocals go right into some wailing sax and the tune finishes up large. And I mean large. Sonny knows how to work a crowd live, and he’s working every crowd for you hard on this record as soon as you put the needle down. Backed by an all star cast of present day Twin City musicians, this side is a smash. The flip side is a slowed down cover of the Rodriguez classic “Sugarman”, a win-win situation. “Hey Girl” is guaranteed to rock a party and turn your body out. Big choon as they say in the UK, brought to you by the good people at Secret Stash Records. Available on September 3rd.

Get the record from the Secret Stash store.

Keep Diggin’!

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