Vinyl: A Short Film By Andy Hylton

Got this little gem of a short film passed on to me a few weeks ago. I’m sure all of us vinyl diggers have been in this situation. It could easily have been made about having to go to the bathroom while digging and losing records (which I’d highly recommend doing before you start digging and lay off the coffee til after!), but that’s a whole different conversation. Even though there’s some comedy here, this film still resonates with us crate diggers. You’re so excited to just get the record you forget to look in it. Maybe it’s because you can’t believe that you’d find, for example last week, a copy of The Incredible Jimmy Smith’s Open House on Blue Note at your local. You carry it around like a proud father carrying his newborn baby for the first time in public. Inside you’re like: “Yea I just dug this up, what do you have, a Paul Williams Lp hipster?” You’re going through the other crates thinking there’s more Jazz heat if you found this. You’re proud, you deserve this. You got here first. The universe wanted you to have it. Then you finish digging and make your way to the counter. You want to trust this place, but you look inside reluctantly while waiting in line for the cashier. Bottom line, you just want to get out before anyone else sees you with it, your secret spot cover will be blown. You pull the inner sleeve aside like a surgeon in surgery and to your surprise….Mantovani, not Jimmy Smith! You run out of line and look in the same crate you found it, maybe the two records were switched! 20 minutes later, no Mantovani and you still have no Jimmy Smith record. No Blue Note haul in your local spot. Defeated, you buy a few other records and persuade the clerk to give you the cover, which you will wait once again for the universe to line up again and hopefully find the same Smith record without a cover. This happens rarely, but you want to take the chance. I’m still waiting for that Doug Carn Infant Eyes on Black Jazz to come around.

Keep Diggin’!

3 responses to “Vinyl: A Short Film By Andy Hylton

  1. Excellent Video, and you know I did buy a James Brown album a short time ago for two dollars that had Diana Ross in it instead.

  2. Hey. It was lovely to stumble on this fabulous website and see that you’ve put my first film up. Thank you for digging it, and always read the label!! Andy

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