Big Ups with Amir


When you look up hardworking in the dictionary, it’s most likely you will see DJ Amir’s likeness. The man has been tirelessly unearthing gems by himself and with his DJ partner Kon for more than a minute (google one of his classic joints “Microwave Boogie” for starters to see what I mean). Their On Track series was a huge influence on this writer, and since the beginning of Big Ups I have been trying to get one of the busiest dudes in the business in this interview series. His latest project, 180 Proof Records, has been releasing a steady stream of classic and unreleased material from the vault’s of Detroit’s Strata Records, and along with the myriad of DJ gigs he does, he can now put label owner on his CV. DJ, musical ambassador, historian, vinyl advocate, label owner, and all around great guy, Amir continues to fight the good fight preserving music and the vinyl medium. I’m more than honored have him on the pages of Flea Market Funk today. Enjoy!


Check out Amir’s label 180 Proof here.

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