Klim – Soul Buttons


It’s often said that the language of Hip Hop is universal, and it’s readily apparent in today’s offering, Soul Buttons by Klim. Hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, this producer has got some serious talent. Twenty two soul inspired organic beats sampled and put together on the MPC, this album is a follow up to Vinylism from earlier this year. Using some obscure samples, and some not (“90% of Me Is You”), Klim keeps your head nodding throughout. Strings, horns, and Soul vocals litter this lp from start to finish. Obviously influenced by Dilla, and with no song over 3 and a half minutes, Soul Buttons is a prime example that The Russian Federation has a firm grasp on Hip Hop and beatmaking in 2013. From the bad ass bass line in “Zombieland” to the airy “Spacelights” to the cop flick soundtrack in “Chasing”, plus standouts like “Indian Sounds” and “Peace of Mind”, this eclectic mix of beats is a keeper. Klim shows his diverse style of samples (all Soul, but different types and time periods) and meticulous arranging that can’t go overlooked. If you are a fan of guys like Dilla, Madlib, and favorites here like DJ Frane and Express Rising, Klim slides right in with the influence of certified legends and his own style. Recommended for a long bike ride or walk about the City with your headphones on. Get lost with yourself and Soul Buttons.

Klim – Soul Buttons

Klim Live at Yalta Summer Jam 2013

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