Calibro 35 – Giulia Mon Amour



Goblin, Deep Red, and High Crime AKA The Marseilles Connection. Just a small amount of the absolutely brilliant soundtracks put together by the Italians in the 60’s and 70’s. These soundtracks reached cult status with music lovers and vinyl heads over the years. Led by Morricone, these often sleazy and funky anthems showed that the Italians were crazy for a powerful, funk filled soundtrack. It’s in this tradition that Calibro 35 has been formed. Influenced by these soundtracks, the band came together as a side project when producer Tommaso Colliva (Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Twilight Singers) got together some of Italy’s best musicians to pay tribute to the genre. The band was so good, in fact, that they toured heavily around Europe, released three acclaimed records, and have wowed audiences at SXSW and CMJ here in the States to name a few. Their sound caught the attention of Hollywood, which featured their own brand of Crime Funk in recent blockbuster Red among other films. Their latest release, “Giulia Mon Amour” is due to come out on 45 via Record Kicks September 23rd. Fitting for some crazy crime action flick, this 45 feels like the car chase in The French Connection meets Requiem For A Dream, high on meth and searching for more. With hard drums and gritty guitar, this organ filled bomb moves hard from the first second until it finally explodes some three and a half minutes later. A beautiful tribute to the genre. The flip, “Notte in Bovisa”, punches hard once again. The guitar and organ flow heavy throughout, and this hit single from their 2008 debut is a must have as well. A double sider, you get two for one heat rocks here. If you’re not familiar with the genre of Italian soundtracks, Calibro 35 do a bang up job of introducing that special sound to today’s listeners. Go explore more of the genre too! Guy Ritchie, are you making movies like you used to? If you are, here’s some tunes for you mate.

Pre-order the record here.

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