The Poets of Rhythm – Anthology 1992-2003



For those of you not familiar with The Poets of Rhythm, let me catch you up to speed. In the early 90’s, while all of Germany was into New Wave and Syth-Pop, these German musicians discovered the raw Funk and Soul just as Seattle grunge, rave, and Golden Age Hip Hop were dominating the scene over here in the US. They took the sound, brought it back to life, and the rest is history. The band itself recorded under many aliases: Bo Baral’s Excursionists, Bus People Express, Dynamic Soundmakers, Karl Hector & The Funk-Pilots, The Mercy Sluts, The Mighty Continentals, Neo-Hip-Hot-Kiddies Community, The New Process, Organized Raw Funk, The Pan-Atlantics, The Polyversal Souls, Soul Sliders, Soul-Saints Orchestra, The Soul-Saints, Syrup, Transgressors, Whitefield Brothers, and The Woo Woo’s among others. These different incarnations of the band put out some of the best Funk and Soul music in modern times. Grasping the work ethic, lifestyle, and sound of the lesser known American Funk bands from all over the country from 1967-74, The Poets of Rhythm were the precursor and an influence on the Modern Funk and Soul labels of today. They embraced and captured the raw sound these bands had in the late 60’s and early 70’s. It is fitting that Daptone Records is involved in this special release of a band that brought that sound back here in the States, where it first originated.

“Before Daptone, there was Desco. Before Desco, there were The Poets of Rhythm.”
– Bosco Mann, Daptone Records

Drawing inspiration from Funkadelic, The JB’s, and the discovery of the Meters, the duo of Bo Baral and JJ Whitfield were heavily into the sounds of New Orleans when they got together to form Hotpie & Candy, the first incarnation of the Poets of Rhythm. Many musicians (and band names) later, plus a cross country United States trip uncovering rare Funk and Soul 45s, and the band eventually morphed into the Funk powerhouse we have all grown to know. First signed to Soulciety Records in Germany in the early 90’s, recorded a record for Desco that was shelved, and eventually released an effort on DJ Shadow’s Quannum Projects in 2001. This record exposed them to an international audience, and made them a popular name in record collecting circles. Shortly after the two tours with Shadow’s label, the Poets’ members began to drift to other projects, but their core music is well appreciated and sought after by music lovers throughout the world. This anthology will be available on October first with a double gatefold LP with extended liner notes. Don’t miss out on this one.

Anthology: 1992 – 2003 TRACK LIST
[As The Poets Of Rhythm, unless noted]

Funky Train, 1992 on Hotpie & Candy Records [4501]
South Carolina, 1993 [as Bus People Express] on Hotpie & Candy Records [4502]
Augusta, GA (Here I Come), 1993 [as Bus People Express] on Hotpie & Candy Records [4502]
More Mess On My Thing, 1993 on Practice What You Preach album
North Carolina, 1993 on Practice What You Preach album
It Came Over Me, 1993 on Practice What You Preach album
50 Yards Of Soul, 1995 on Original Raw Soul Vol. 1 album
Santa’s Got A Bag Of Soul, 1994 [as Soul-Saints Orchestra] on Hotpie & Candy Records [4504]
The Donkey, 1997 [as Whitefield Brothers] on Original Raw Soul Vol. 2 album
Choking On A Piece Of Meat Pt. 2, 1995 [as Whitefield Brothers] on Original Raw Soul Vol. 1 album
Serengeti Stroke, 1996 [as Pan-Atlantics] on B.M.J Records [45-102]
Rhodesian Girl, 1996 [as Pan-Atlantics] on B.M.J Records [45-102]
Wallow In The Myrrh, 1996 [as Bo Baral’s Excursionists Of Perception] on Sloppy Joe Records [45 001]
Summerdays, 2003 on Gomma [45 027]
Ham Gallery, 2001 on Discern/Define album
Smilin’ (While You’re Crying) (single edit), 2002, Quannum Projects 7” [QP 030-1]
Discern/Define, 2001 on Discern/Define album
Path Of Life, previously unreleased

Poets of Rhythm – Augusta, GA

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