Big Ups With JJ Whitefield


This week we have a real treat in our Big Ups series. If you are a fan of Modern Funk and Soul, or the artists who are making music (recording in the same manner as well) as a lot of these long, forgotten funky artists, then you have to give JJ Whitefield a huge thanks. Without this man, there would be no Truth & Soul and there would be no Daptone Records and those that followed, there would be no Funk and Soul music scene from the 1990’s on. JJ Whitefield and Bo Baral put out the 1993 classic Practice What You Preach record by their band The Poets of Rhythm. Channeling their inner Meters and JB’s among others, this record set the bar for the new Funk and Soul movement in the United States and lead the charge to the frenzy it is today. Real music played the way it was played by real artists back in the day. They were able to capture the music and struggle within the music and brought it back where it belonged: to the people. It took German musicians to play music like American Funk and Soul artists in the late 60’s and early 70’s to get us back into this beautiful music again. Recording under a bunch of monikers including The Whitefield Brothers, Bus People Express, the Soul Saints Orchestra, the Pan Atlantics and more, JJ has been a huge contributor and preservationist of this special sound. The Poets have just released an Anthology on Daptone Records which is available now, so don’t sleep on this double vinyl. It’s an honor to have this great artist and performer get the Big Ups treatment today. Also, JJ, please send Flea Market Funk some Leberkässemmel, I think we’re in love with that food without even trying it! Enjoy.


Check out some more info about JJ’s music here.

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