Ready To Rock: A Hip Hop Comic Book


Collecting records is an obsession, some call it a lifestyle. Collecting comics is the same way. Collecting objects, whether it be records or comic books are a match made in heaven. Put on the record, open the comic book, lose yourself in both obsessions for a while. Now, enter the era of the Hip Hop comic. Artist Bret Syfert has created Ready To Rock, a labor of love comic book that comes with a 45. This is exactly what we love here at FMF. Get the youths involved with records. Get them to put down their Adventure Time comics and try something new. This past year Adrian Younge and Ghostface released a comic/ record project, and other Wu Tang Clan members among others Hip Hop acts dabbled in the comic book world as well throughout the years. While combining records and comic books is definitely not a new thing (see any 60’s and 70’s Marvel comics, Kojack, Star Trek, etc. story record, and the Hot Peas and Butta crew get involved with the Kodoja comic and a record to go along with it.), it may very well be one of the first (un)official Hip Hop comic book/ 45 combo we have come across. This 45 included into the package has our eyes and ears perked up. Here’s what the artist had to say about the project’s theme:

“The Breyks are giraffe people in the distant future who re-create hip hop culture after digging up the vinyl records of ancient man. Their utopian existence is threatened by the arrival of Phantom, an evil being born from an industrial past.”- Bret Syfert, creator of Ready To Rock

Apparently the project did so well that it is officially sold out. Maybe Syfert is on to something. People are always reverting back to the old days as far as bringing back past products, and this project seems to really have rattled the cage with comic book and record collectors (most who are into both). However, you may be able to get it online or through participating distributors. The record is readily available, and if demand is high enough, there will be a second reprint of the project. Check out an audio snippet below, as well as a video overview of the project.

Purchase comic and vinyl pack here.

Keep Diggin’!

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