Everlast – Jump Around?


Where do aging Hip Hop emcees go when they’ve hit grandpa status? You could go the route of Grandmaster Caz and stick to the Hip Hop lifestyle and age like a fine bottle of wine. You can go another way like Serch and 3rd Bass, do some TV, reunite, and rap over your old songs playing (but then go and ink a major talk show deal with a network). Or, you could go the way of musical stalwart and Hip hopper turned Rocker, Everlast. From the early days in Ice T’s Rhyme Syndicate to the first Bob and Earl horn sample and popularity of House of Pain’s debut, to his switch up as a gravely throated Rock singer, to a more mature acoustic based artist with an edge, Everlast has come out on top. His latest offering is a stripped down, acoustic version of the first record that put him (and House of Pain) on the map: “Jump Around”. Don’t be expecting a grab the bozak punk moment any time soon. This is grown folk bizness, and he’ll move when he damn well wants to. Sipping whisky slowly and positioning himself inside a skate park with just a guitar only, Whitey Ford, bearded, bespectacled, and noticeably bigger in stature, drops a version of the Hip Hop classic from his new record The Life Acoustic. It’s the most mature we’ve seen Everlast in his career, and for those of us who were there when it was first dropped to the public, this funky and soulful acoustic version is really a pleasure. Bonus points for the Reggae drum fill midway through. There is no doubt that the hard rocking and hard living lifestyle has gone to the wayside, and dare we say here at Flea Market Funk that he’s earned this new sound? Perhaps I have a soft spot for old Whitey, but whatever your thoughts on Eric Francis Shrody are, his classic voice and lyrics still are timeless. Now as the title suggests, jump around? Or you can sit in your seat. He’s giving you the choice this time.

Keep Diggin’!

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