DJ Format & Phill Most Chill: Exclusive Mix


While most of today’s rapper’s are wondering why a West Coast guy is claiming to be the King of New York (how much longer do we have to speak on this?) or how they can get close to Miley Cyrus (on and off the mic), DJ Format and Phill Most Chill could care less. They have that ’89 frame of mind: uptempo raps, better beats than most producers out there, and are shining examples of what the meaning of the word Hip Hop is. These two are definitely living the Hip Hop life and incorporate the right elements that are essential to the art form: B-Boying, Graffiti, and Emceeing. There are no sagging skinny jeans, no Molly references, just straight up Hip Hop. This is how it should be done. Their new record which is Hip Hop to the core entitled The Foremost, is set to drop on October 28th on Project Blue Book. It is just what today’s lame music game needs. If you are again rocking the high top fade (ski goggles optional), then you will get this record. If you’re not, pay attention, because school is in. From front to back, this record delivers. The track “Digging For A Living”, an ode to uncovering lost records (complete with Gangstarr sample) and making a living off of making beats, selling vinyl, and everything that comes with it, is easily my favorite on the record. If there ever was a tune that captured the art of digging and getting compensated for it, this is it. However, this is not the first tribute to digging either have done, as Phill Most Chill teamed up with Paul Nice on “Neva Stop Diggin'” previously (a definite banger). Throughout, uptempo raps are present, and the album opener “The Feeling” Phill picks up where Edan left off with Format on the Slice-of-Spice 10″, “Spaceship Earth” that was released last year. fast and furious, it blasts off further into the universe we call Hip Hop. I like the fact that there is even a tribute to getting busy on “Get Busy Music”. You would swear that it’s Big Daddy Kane’s brother on the mic, as PMC schools emcees the entire time. It wouldn’t be a proper Hip Hop record without a tribute to a lady, and in the spirit of classics like “Dear Yvette” and ‘Sally Got A One Track Mind”, these two pay tribute to ‘Beverly”. Let’s face it, there is no bad song on this record. Carefully crafted beats on belters like “Work Song”, “Triple Threat Emcees” (with vocal harmonies to boot), and the record title “The Foremost” lend themselves lovely to Phill’s flow and their production. Format is quite adept at finding just the right sample and building a perfect beat. This is the Hip Hop record you (and everyone else) have been waiting for, and you’ll only have to wait another 10 days, so be patient. Both Phill and DJ Format have been consistently releasing quality projects throughout both of their careers, and this one goes right to the top of the list. The artwork above, done by the talented Mr. Krum, brings you back to having to go to a record store to spend your hard earned allowance or paper money to grab that record you wanted. They don’t make covers like this anymore. If you can’t wait for the LP to drop, you can always check out the album sampler video that was released this week if you need a fix. An innovative duo from both sides of the pond doing big things once again, this thing will sell out fast. Good indie Hip Hop music in the ’13 is hard to come by (this is not a complete list), unless you count the company they keep: Slice-of-Spice’s roster, SoundSci, and Blunted Astronaut posse. It just goes to show you that the creativity flows when you align yourself with good, hard working, creative people.

So, to celebrate this new release, DJ Format has put together an exclusive all vinyl mix for Flea Market Funk. This 30 minute set features a few cuts from the record (including “Digging For A Living”) as well as sides by J-Zone, SoundSci, Shawn Lee, and some Library Records that round out the mix (that are D-O-P-E). This one is live people, so don’t miss it.

DJ Format Exclusive Mix for Flea Market Funk:

1. Frankensteez – Mister Jason Has A Posse (DJ Format’s A-Z of Classic Breaks Remix)
2. DJ Format & Phill Most Chill – Diggin’ For A Livin’
3. The Legion – Automatic Systematic
4. J-Zone (feat. Breeze Brewin) – The Fox Hunt
5. Soundsci – The Ultimate (Original mix AND Ultimate Breaks & Beats mix)
6. Anteek Recipes – Leave It At That
7. Kista (feat. Sumkid) – Grandmaster Majere
8. The Funk League (feat. Gift Of Gab & Abdominal) – MC3
9. DJ Format & Phill Most Chill – Take A Stand
10. Eddie Warner – Impatience
11. W. Brunke – E. Colitron Alpha
12. Shawn Lee – Galactica

Download it here.

Order The Foremost here.

Keep Diggin’!

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