Jazzy Jeff On Staying Relevant

At one point, the turntable was outselling the guitar, so that, and the ease of getting equipment has definitely contributed to the number of so-called “DJs” in our industry today. Sure you can get an Itch, or Tractor, hell, even two iPods or iPads and call yourself a DJ. Are you really though? Coming up, to me, DJ meant disc jockey. You carried crates and crates of discs, or records to your gigs. You actually bought vinyl. You got into it not for the money, but because you loved music, and you wanted to spread the word of good music around. Maybe, at one point, you started to gain momentum, started to take DJing a little more seriously and the money started to come in. You realized you that it could be a job. So was the case with a lot of our industry’s leaders. They found their niche, went with it, and were able to make a living out of what was once just their passion. One such leader is the great Jazzy Jeff. If you have not seen him rock a set live, put that on your bucket list. A humble and talented DJ and producer, Jeff is able to rock parties world wide by having an open mind with music as well as staying true to his roots. He carried crates. He played for no money. He stuck with it and perfected his craft. That’s why he’s respected and loved around the globe. Jeff sat down in the midst of a Red Bull Thre3Style to talk DJing, how to stay relevant, the rise of the EDM DJ, and why calling yourself a DJ doesn’t involve you stop playing a genre because another got popular. Spoken like a true champion, here’s a guy you need to listen to. Another music ambassador that has broken ground and kept the flag flying high for the art of DJing. Salute!

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