Brukky – Why Yu Nuh 45


Summer may be over, but to the lads at NYC Trust, Summer is eternal, and they keep the good vibes flowing with this upcoming bubbler out of Brooklyn. Reminiscent of the 80’s, this easily could have been a vintage Jammy’s release, but lo and behold this is a product of the Roots scene here in King’s County. The smooth, golden voice of Brukky aka Dan Klien (from the Rock Steady revivalists the Frightnrs) gets some large up production from Ticklah aka Victor Axelrod. This is a perfect jam and full of niceness all around. The flip is, of course the Dub version, so rewind selectah and lick a shot once more. If you are looking for the most authentic Reggae outside of Jamaica, you really don’t have to look any further. NYC Trust have consistently released authentic music, be it Reggae, Cumbia, Disco, Boogie and beyond, the name says it all. These guys stand behind their releases, and the music speaks for itself. Available on September 30th on 45 (with a dope label and custom-printed paper sleeve), this is a crucial addition to your record box. I and I will play this to the fullest!

Check out the NYC Trust store.

Keep Diggin’!


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