DJ Chicken George Live at Funky Sole


As far as dance parties go on the West Coast, Funky Sole is one of the tops. Holding down one of the rawest and funkiest Funk and Soul parties for thirteen years plus, they have had just about anyone who is everyone come through and rock a set for the people. Residents Music Man Miles (Rootdown/Breakestra) & The Funk Doctor Clifton aka DJ Soft Touch (Sonic, Underground, Transistor) hold this night down lovely, and the night is known world wide for turning out quality DJs and playing unique Funk and Soul music. Recently, fellow vinyl slinger DJ Chicken George from Austin, TX swung through to drop a little set of his own Jazztronica! on the 45 tip. He unleashed some classic Funk jams as well as some rarities for the dancers to groove to. The Eddy Jacobs Exchange record is a scorcher! Put that on your want list kids. DJ CG will be in LA until the end of September spreading his gospel of good music to the masses. Check out his upcoming performance at Motown Mondays at The Short Stop on Sunset this upcoming Monday the 30th. Until then, nod your head to some funky little records with big holes, courtesy of the one and only Chicken George.

    DJ Chicken George Live at Funky Sole (Los Angeles)

1. Detroit Sex Machines – The Stretch (Pt. 1)
2. The Chili Peppers – Chicken Scratch
3. Otis Redding – Nobody’s Fault But Mine
4. Eddie Bo – Lover and A Friend
5. Deloris Ealy – Deloris Is Back With Jerome & His Band
6. Mickey & The Soul Generation – Give Everybody Some (Pt. 1)
7. Osaka Monaurail – Just Bein’ Free (Pt. 1)
8. Tony Alvon & The Belairs – Sexy Coffee Pot
9. Eddy Jacobs Exchange – Pull My Coat

Listen or download the set here.

Visit the DJ Chicken George site.

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