Freqnik and WDRE – The Party Vibes


Continuing their output of dope 45s, Freqnik and WDRE give us a pair of belters that are destined to be a go to record for DJs as well as future classic as far as party records go. I immediately thought of any number of tracks on Armand Van Helden’s Sampleslaya when I heard both of these tracks. This record was heavily influential to me as a DJ and a party record that was definitely in every record bag I was toting from New Jersey to Canada. Slick enough to appeal to Hip Hop as well as beat heads, this samplefest kept your head nodding all the way ’til the end. The same rings true for The Party Vibes record. This double side of head nodding and body rocking heat has been getting ample play throughout New York City and so far has been well received by B-Boys and music lovers alike. Dipping away for a hot minute from unofficial remixes and Hip Hop singles, the duo from Strong Island take us back to a time when Hip Hop was not about skinny jeans, Molly, or Trap drums. Like Jimmy Castor they go back, way back, back into time. No gold chains, just Black medallions and watching the D.A.I.S.Y Age die and transform into a new sound. Like De La on Arsenio, there will still be clapping. Containing a clear nod to the Native Tongues movement on the A side “Pass The Peas”, this record was made to keep you moving. Instantly taking you back to a period of stress free music, James Brown samples, Roosevelt Hotel Record shows and a good vibes, you know where this 7″ is headed as soon as the needle hits the record: straight into your record bag.

The flip side, “Zulu Chant” gives another nod to the originators with some heavy, heavy drums, samples you will all know (and love) and sirens (yes I said sirens). I mean really, the siren in a party record is like the air horn on a Reggae record. Upbeat just enough to get the party going, heads will be yelling ‘That’s that shit!” like Wu in their prime for this B-Side. It’s nice to see the party record emerge once again, and Freqnik and WDRE, two Hip Hop lovers at heart are doing a great job at keeping the spirit of true Hip Hop alive with this release. No matter what the state of music is, where it is going, or how much people like EDM, you can not deny the power of Hip Hop. This record is slated for release on October 22nd on their label, Boro Records and will be available in better record shops all over the globe. It’s a limited release, so get yours and start rocking doubles before they are gone. While you’re at it, pass the peas brother.

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