Lou Rawls – You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (The Schwinn Re-Touch)

As a kid, I can remember the silky voice of Lou Rawls playing in my household from the radio. Always had a sweet spot for the man, his smooth voice, and the way he carried himself. I guess today they would call it swagger. I’d like to think it was just confidence. Little did I know much later as a crate digger that Rawls would work with David Axelrod (those drums!), which made him get even more credibility in my eyes. If you haven’t heard his version of “Season of the Witch”, you are truly missing out as well. Today we have a lickle re-edit from The Schwinn, a DJ and producer out of Vienna, Austria. He is involved in The Soul Nuggets night in Vienna, which looks to be a blast. He passed on his edit of this Rawls classic. Paying homage to the original by not messing with it too much, his added touches on the lover’s classic is subtle, yet enough to get you moving. Leaning towards some Disco, The Schwinn has enough sense to know that some things just can’t be messed with too much. This edit will definitely keep the feet moving until the lights go on, because really, if you don’t like Lou Rawls then you need a talking to from your mama. Nice one Schwinn.

Check The Schwinn over at mixcloud.

Keep Diggin’!

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