Polyrhythmics – Libra Stripes


“A glimpse into what would have happened if the mothership had crash-landed in Nigeria in 1977.”

Polyrhythmics are back. This time they’re taking no prisoners. Championed here at Flea Market Funk before, their Afrobeat meets Funk grooves have invaded turntables and stages from around the world by storm. With a few sides on Alberta Funk label Kept as well as a release with Brooklyn’s Electric Cowbell and a prime opening spot on the Paris DJs compilation Tropical Grooves & Afrofunk International, their second full length record is ready to blast off. The first single off this record, “Libra Stripes” is funky journey through Africa with stops in Chocolate City and beyond. What immediately catches the groove is the organ, out in the forefront setting the tone. Polyrhythmics play authentic African music, with emphasis on a one take, all in one recording process. “Libra Stripes” has powerful horns that clash and a bass line and a guitar that would make Fela proud. These guitar licks combine the spirit of Oghene Kologbo and Eddie Hazel as this almost 4 minute mid tempo burner moves you for the duration. Like with previous releases, the eight piece outfit strives to keep it official, and they have yet to disappoint. They make funk music with a capital F. No gimmicks and no copying. Polyrhtymics take what they have learned from the masters and craft their own sound out of it, bringing something fresh to any listener’s ear. It’s a band like these guys that are putting out original, ear catching music for the masses, not some stale, over processed fodder you hear on any FM station. From the way they record it in the studio to the way it’s presented to the live audience, Polyrhthmics are the real deal. Along with the newer sound of collectives like Antibalas, Jungle Fire, label mates Hard Proof and others, this band has kept it’s musical roots firmly in Africa, grabbing the universal spirit from far away places like Nigeria, but aren’t afraid to flex and add some Detroit or Washington, DC flavor to it either. Powerful, instrumental Funk that that commands you to listen, this full length will be available through Kept Records on November 12, 2013. Listen to “Libra Stripes” below.

More info over at Kept Records.

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