Morris Chestnut – And This Happened

With visions of waist length leather jacket thugs in Cadillacs chasing bad guys and drawing heavily from early 70′ Blaxploitation grooves, Morris Chestnut’s musical ode to films like Cleopatra Jones and Across 110th Street is no parody. The alter ego of Leeds, UK musician Joe Thompson, a seasoned veteran who’s plays bass and keyboard as well as produces for a number of higher profile dance DJs, has decided to keep it soulful and return to the classics. Locking into the spirit of George Clinton and Africa Bambaataa, Chestnut has combined elements from classic Funk, Soul, Disco, Breaks, and Hip Hop in a cut and paste style (Double Dee and Steinski anyone?) to bring us a nicely crafted release in And This Happened. This mix takes the old and weaves it in with the Nu, that is Nu and Ghetto Funk, not just hitting the originators, but adding in some music from two of today’s flourishing music scenes. From start to finish, the listener gets transported to some car chase, drug bust, or escape scene from any one of these movies. There is also a modern edge, a Black Dynamite like quality that Thompson injects to this alter ego’s work. That is, a take on the classics with a lot of respect to the modern form of Funk being played today in its many forms. There are elements for B Boys, breakers, jazzy dance floor fillers, break beats, and straight up Funk and Soul throughout. I love the idea of combining the old and new eras into one long mix (tape). Good on you Morris Chestnut, way to keep the party moving. It’s just the groove, it’s just the groove, it’s just the groove. Get more info on where you can see Morris live on his website link below.

Buy this music here.

Check out Moriss Chestnut’s website.

Keep Diggin’!

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