In Motion Collective – Jesse’s Jing


San Diego is a hotbed of Funk and Soul talent at the moment. First we had the Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, and now we have the In Motion Collective with their own brand of Afro Beat. It’s Southern California groove meets Africa rhythms on their first effort from Colemine Records, available today. Drawing on influences such as Fela Kuti, Mulatu Astatke and Tony Allen as much as Roy Ayers and Isaac Hayes, IMC’s sound is a combination of authentic African Funk, Ethiopian Jazz, and American Soul. This 10 piece band has been raising eyebrows, already opening up for well known bands such as The Budos Band, Lee Fields, Sierra Leone’s Refugee Allstars and Toubab Krewe among others. It seems like there is a resurgence of Afro influenced bands this past year. Hard Proof, Polyrhythmics, Jungle Fire, and now In Motion Collective have all released records this year, and it looks like the music world is starting to take notice. Not sure if people just aren’t familiar with this brand of music or are late catching up, but Afro Beat is not just some underground sound any more. Listeners are realizing how much this sound has influenced a lot of today’s music and are finally opening up their ears to this massive sound. IMC are recording a full length follow up to this 7″, which if it’s anything like the 45, it’s a must have.

“Jesse’s Jing”, with it’s slow moving horns and a soundtrack feel moves effortlessly over some great drums as the bass line puts you firmly in the Motherland via San Diego. A great horn solo halfway through guides you the rest of the way until you stop briefly before flipping this great 7″ to side B. “M.T.A.” picks up where side A left off. Some heavy bass and even more cinematic horns give way to great drums and a groove that you can take to the bank. Audibly slower than the A side, but it’s a different vibe all together. These drums are really understated but heavy. My favorite part (and I wish it was longer!) is the organ that interjects at the end of the song. It’s as if Morricone was hanging out with some West Coast psych band in the late 60’s having tea with Fela on a layover and they came up with a cut from a soundtrack set in Nigeria. In other words, don’t sleep on this record. Colemine Records strikes again, and this time it’s another winner. Consistently releasing innovative records from a variety of different bands in different genres, this Midwest label is a force to be reckoned with. Get on this train before it leaves the station. This record is officially out today, so add it to your record box.

In Motion Collective – Jesse’s Jing

In Motion Collective – M.T.A

The record is available today, October 22nd from the Colemine web store.

Check out In Motion Collective on facebook.

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