Hey Mudfoot, You Know What We’re Here For


“You know, when I was a kid, trick or treatin’ was different……”-Mudfoot Brown

The Holy Grail of Children’s records (except of course if they printed up copies of the Walt Kraemer and Pointer Sisters counting pinball song on vinyl), Halloween Starring Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids has the famous Mudfoot sample used by Biz Markie, Cut Chemist, and others. A highly sought after record not just because of the sample, because it’s cool. Bill Cosby was on to something with this series, and I couldn’t wait for the thing to come on the TV as a kid. I was a Russell fan myself, with Weird Harold running a close second. However, when they went to visit Mudfoot Brown on Halloween and Fat Albert uttered the famous line: “Hey Mudfoot, you know what we’re here for, lay some treats on us”, little did I know I’d be using that sample in mixes and live shows up until this very day. It never gets old. Ever.

This record was put out by The Kids Stuff Repertory Company and was taken from the Fat Albert Halloween Special the Cos made for TV. In general, the company put out children’s records like Saturday Night Fever, Sergant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Romeo and Juliet, The Jungle Book, and others, all done in a children’s style. Cover songs, some bad, some good, some funky as hell. The music on this particular record (during the interludes, etc.) is definitely funky. The Cos knows his way around Jazz, Funk, and Soul on his collaborations with Quincy Jones. Just don’t get fooled by his Silver Throat record. A dud indeed. Very cool cover though. Since I started digging, I’ve always checked the kid’s section of the record bins. A lot for nostalgia’s sake, but when I discovered funky breaks on other kid’s vinyl, I made it a mission to not sleep on them. It was Prince Paul’s use of tracks on Multiplication Rock that brought attention to that particular record and had diggers looking for other kid’s record breaks. They’re like Library records in a way, down low funky ass records that are just waiting to be discovered. The children’s companies realized that kids like to dance and move about, so why not fill it up with a funky session for the wee ones? This record is definitely a story record, with little music, but as I am typing this, I have my toddler son listening to it. He’s imitating sounds, bopping his head, and when the Mudfoot part came on, he started dancing. That’s worth it right there. If you don’t have this Lp, you can still find it cheap. It took me about 20 years to get a minty copy of this record for a buck, and make sure you don’t pay $200 for it, because I’ve seen it that high. Now if there is only a Funky Phantom with my name on it in the dollar bin, my kid’s record quest will be complete. Happy Halloween from Flea Market Funk. Check out the Fat Albert special in full below. Hey Hey Hey!

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