Houston Rap: Documenting the Culture


Houston Rap, the second release from Sinecure Books (available Nov. 15th), takes a look at everyday life in the Houston Hip Hop community. It features the stunning photography of Peter Beste who, along with writer Lance Scott Walker immersed themselves into the culture, spending 9 years documenting it. The book contains profiles of Houston notables such as Bun B, UGK, Z-Ro, K-Rino, Big Mike, Lil’ Troy, Paul Wall and Willie D of The Geto Boys as well as legends who have since passed, like DJ Screw, Big Hawk and Pimp C. It strolls through the sacred neighborhoods such as Fifth Ward, Third Ward and South Park, exploring the everyday goings on with rappers, producers, community leaders, family members, and businessmen. This insight into the culture has never been documented like this before. Touching not just Hip Hop stories, but weaving a tale of the special American narrative of this culture and human life itself, Houston Rap explores the real life told through the lyrics of the music itself.

“We see it as an immersion. The idea was always to provide an insight into the community of the arguably most powerful hip-hop scene in the world today.”- Peter Beste.

The hardcover, 272 page book, printed on 130 gram matte paper and featuring color photography, an oral history and historical Houston rap timeline. The pre-order package contains a special sleeve designed by GONZO247 and a 7″ record of DJ Screw’s “Something Good [UGK]” and Fat Pat’s “Tops Drop” on the flip, as well as a fold out poster. Not available in stores, the sleeve and 45 are only available through the pre-order, which is enough motivation for you to grab this before it goes to stores. even if you aren’t a fan of the music coming out of the city of Houston, Texas, this is a great look inside a culture that has not only been captured in their particular brand of Hip Hop, but become a world wide phenomenon. The Houston sound has trickled its way into mainstream music, and Houston Raps is a terrific insight into what goes into this music and lifestyle. Way more than just about the music, this book gets deep into the culture as well and gives you a front row seat at a movement in progress.



Pre-Order Houston Rap here.

Check out the gallery show on Novemeber 7th at Boo-Hooray.

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