Medline – Sun Being


Today we bring you a composition by French musician Medline, also known as Aillacara 2743, Electroom Acoostap or Douce Fougue & Son Esclave Extravagant. With roots in Latin America (Chile to be exact), Medline is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, beat maker and producer making, what he calls, the Sun Son Sound. His music is a blend of Afro, Latin, Jazz, and Funk with a Hip Hop state of mind. A very interesting blend indeed. Today’s track is inspired by the great Sun Ra, and is, unfortunately, a track that wasn’t included in the 30 track compilation Cosmic Compositions Avant Garde Series Vol​​​.​​​3 [Sun Ra]. That doesn’t matter though. This track is definitely good, and a if you’re not a fan of Free Jazz, or music that leans to the spiritual side, as this track does, open up your mind a bit and feel what Medline is putting out there.

“Sun Ra is a complex man, misunderstood, and a lot “like” him because of its image, but not really his artwork. It’s a fashionable value to sample Ra or mention him, but it is not so easy to understand his music.”-Medline

If you’re not familiar with Medline’s music, he’s released some cool stuff via Melting Pot Music, Propaground, NYC Trust, and some limited edition cassettes on My Bags. Whether it be some Free or Spiritual Jazz, Cumbia, Latin, or Funk and Soul, Medline’s talent shines through. Not one to be pigeon holed into a single genre, this multi-instrumentalist has keep his boundaries free to make beautiful music. In a music world where if you step out of bounds you’re dead in the water, Medline goes against the grain and gives us a winner. Although this track wasn’t included in the Sun Ra compilation, it does not matter. This music is just fine to me, and it will be for you too.

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