Spotlight On: Spoke Records


Being thankful has no relation to standing on line today to secure a TV, special edition record, or the newest video game. So while others are wasting their day to get a deal, I’m going to give a deal for free here and talk about a cool label that is left of center from the rest. Spoke Records, based out of the UK brings rare records back from the dead. Originally founded by three record forum mates, Ian, Col Wolfe and Neil Suddes aka Towny to create high quality 7″ records, reissue great songs overlooked and songs that were too expensive or hard to find, convert Lp only songs to create a double sided 45, and finally release unissued and brand new records. Sounds pretty straight forward. Supply versus demand. As the early stages of the label progressed, the death of Towny would be a blow to yet unnamed label. Deciding on the use of Towny’s love for cycling and everything that goes along with it as inspiration for the name, they chose the name Spoke Records. Their first release, Shirley Bates’ “Crimpton Krompton Canary Bridge” was from Towny’s personal collection, and an interesting label was born. Since the first release (which included Craig Douglas “Don’t Mind If I Cry” on the flip), the label has put out 4 more records: Steve Flanagan “I’ve Arrived” / Sylvan: “We Don’t Belong”, Frog Witch Hunt / Living Dead, Tammy St John “Concerning Love” / 21st Century “Hard Act To Follow”, and Open Mind “Magic Potion” / Dakotas “Spider & The Fly”. Running the gamut from Psychedelic to Freak Beat, R & B Mod Dancers, Pop Soul, Library Soul, and more, Spoke Records specializes in reissuing these nuggets for public consumption.

If you’re looking for something off of the beaten path, like say a Psych track from the frog worshiping motorcycle zombie cult movie Psychomania, some Library music written by Alan Hawkshaw, or interviews with musicians and composers such as Tony Cameron, J.A. Freedman, and Tony Hatch in their Spoke Trails series, or some obscure music that is generally super expensive or hard to find, you should check out Spoke. I had heard of exactly zero of these releases apart from the zombie movie itself, and when you stumble across a label like this, you breathe a sigh of relief. There is hope for music, and there is so much stuff out there that you can’t possibly know all of it. This label is putting out great stuff, and they have some big releases on the horizon so stay tuned.

Frog – Living Dead reissued on Spoke Records

More info at the Spoke Records website.

Check out the Spoke Records facebook.

Check out all of their releases on their YouTube channel.

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