Champagne Jerry feat. Ad-Rock: Yo Kev!

When I first opened this up and watched it, I was like “What the fuck is this?”. I was intrigued by the moral tale about adults, life and softball, as I could relate to two out of the three (and really all three but I am too lazy to join a softball league). Hooked in by the Ad Rock connection, initially I was confused by the mini van and Sunday softball chatter. But this is New York, and rarely am I disappointed when a Beastie Boy is involved in some music project. Even if it’s in left field, like Mike D’s remixes (Lykki Li anyone?), or Adam’s Milk collabo “Spam”, their stuff is still poppin’. Champagne Jerry, “the greatest rapper in the world”, is the brain child of Neal Medlyn, performance artist and rapper, who’s monthly shows at Joe’s Pub have been packing them in since his “Tampa Realness”. Invoking his best and braggadocios rhymes, CJ is more MC Paul Barman than Prince Paul and surprisingly, the emcee can hold his own. Add in the involvement of Big Ups alumni Max Tannone (Jaydiohead and Ghost Dub among others) and this not so serious look at topics such as Wise potato chips and my favorite, “all day, every day…(pause) brunch” gets your head nodding. Ad Rock’s rhymes are on point. His flow is impeccable and the “nonstop sizzle” name checks everything from BK spot Pies and Thighs and Purple Haze to Wise Chips and Champale. It’s nice to see Horowitz back behind the mic, as he’s been a busy man as of late with some other projects and domestic life with wife Kathleen Hanna (looking forward to seeing her new documentary The Punk Singer). All in all, I love Champagne Jerry. Not so serious, but with serious talent, look out for CJ in a venue (or ball park) near, you hollow leg and all.

Check out Champagne Jerry’s web site here.

CJ’s tumblr.

CJ on Facebook.

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