Hear The Sound: A Funky 45 Ramble Through The Crates

Hear The Sound

Here is one last all 45 live mix for 2013. I wanted to sneak one in before the holidays and showcase some of the great newer music I have been getting as well as some older records I have not given any shine to as of yet. Entendre le Son: A Funky 45 Ramble Through The Crates is a nice way to end the year. I tried to take some of my favorite 45s of the year and mix them in with a bunch of solid tracks that stand the test of time. Starting out with some stoner instrumental Soul out of Brooklyn with The Field Trips, a tribute to the Portland food mecca Pine State Bisquits sandwich The Reggie from The Jive Turkeys, a Led Zeppelin saxophone cover song by King Curtis, Cinematic Soul out of San Diego with The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, pure Soul music from Myron & E that sounds like ’68, private press Reggae from NYC Trust, Alan Toussaint produced heavy Funk from Chocolate Milk, Little Beaver’s (and a great label logo in Cat) sad track, a more upbeat “Here Comes The Judge” from Shorty Long, my number one record of the year from Jungle Fire on Colemine, Frootful’s emotional Soul (which coincidentally sounds like the label it gave a nod to on the 45 in Brunswick), The Esquires, The Inner Drive and a space Funk side, and finally finishing up with a most excellent cover of Augustus Pablo by Paris group Soul Sugar. If you haven’t heard any of these tunes, I definitely urge you to go and support some of these modern labels such as Colemine, Freestyle, TT, Timmion, and Sympathetic. These good people are putting out terrific music that future digggers will be fiending for, mark my word. The mix was done all live in one take, because you don’t get a second chance when you DJ out. Enjoy and pass it on to a friend if you like it. Thanks as always for the support.

Entendre le Son: A Funky 45 Ramble Through The Crates Track List

The Field Trips – Shirley/ Sympathetic Records
The Jive Turkeys – The Reggie/ Colemine
King Curtis and the Kingpins – Whole Lotta Love/ Atco
The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble – Layin’ Low/ TT
Myron & E – They Don’t Know/ Timmion
Duke of Soul/ Swing -A-Ling Records
Chocolate Milk – Action Speaks Louder Than Words/ RCA
Little Beaver – Six Foot Hole/ Cat
Shorty Long – Here Comes The Judge/ Soul
Jungle Fire – Firewalker/ Colemine
Frootful – The Road/ Freestyle
The Esquires – And Get Away/ Bunky Records, Inc.
The Inner Drive – Party Man/ Zodiac Records
Soul Sugar – East of the River Nile/ Gee Recordings

Listen to the mix on my Mixcloud page.

Use The Cloud Downloader to download the mix.

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