The Putbacks – In The Dirt


It’s always nice to receive some good music, especially if it’s funky. With all of the crummy releases moving around these days, I find it refreshing when a band just says ‘forget this’, and records a bunch of tracks just because. That’s exactly what this band did. The Putbacks, one of Australia’s leaders in the Funk and Soul movement have released this teaser of a bonus track recorded in the same session for their 7″ featuring Nai Palm, “Spanish Harlem” out on Hope Street Recordings. This is the bonus digital track you get when you buy the 45. Hope Street is calling it a C side, but it has A side written all over it. Starting off with what sounds like a James Brown concert intro then goes into an organ filled frenzy. Dirty sounding organ and right on time punching drums give this instrumental its kick. It chugs along only to jump into some upbeat madness close to 3 minutes in. These guys have been burning up the circuit over there and it’s great to see some new music come out of that camp for the new year. It’s greasy and undeniably catchy, so with any luck we will see this on a 45 at some point (wink wink, nudge nudge). Until we see that, enjoy this extra slice of the Funk from a terrific, hard working band. Happy New Year early from The Putbacks.

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