Flea Market Funk Invades The Ace Hotel NYC Once Again


It’s that time of the year again.  Flea Market Funk invades the lobby of the Ace Hotel NYC for five Fridays in January 2014.  We’ve had a great relationship with the Ace over the last five years, starting with a massive 45 Funk and Soul session for Tanner Goods from Portland, OR and their pop-up shop that led to a chance meeting with co-founder Alex Calderwood (that recently passed, Rest In Peace) who said that “we should DJ here all the time”. Fast forward five years later and we have done gigs with Q-Tip in Liberty Hall and residencies (some long, some short) on Fridays throughout the years. The atmosphere has always been great at the Ace, bringing in foreign tourists, downtown kids, uptown people, and everyone in between who were receptive to the music. Whether we were playing Reynaldo Domino, Dilla, The Paragons, or Nightmares on Wax, people were happy. The Ace is a place you can be yourself, play your music, and dig deep into your stash to be different. So don’t be surprised when we bring out DOOM, weird soundtracks, Blaxploitation radio ads, or King Tee and keep it moving like a day in the Park. Flea Market Funk wants to keep the night different, a night of open minds. A place where all genres blends like a smooth mix tape, and people, like music can get along in harmony. Funky Jazz will sit along nicely with Dancehall Reggae, Classic Hip Hop, and Rock breaks will weave in and out of raw Funk and Soul all night. There is no dancing (stupid NYC Cabaret laws), but don’t let it stop you from moving a bit where you are, that’s what music is all about. We’ll be holding down the decks in the lobby on five Fridays throughout January from 8PM until 2am. Admission is FREE, and it’s all ages. So if you’re in town on any one of those Fridays, stop by the Ace, order up some good food from The Breslin (you can’t go wrong with The Breslin Burger), grab a cocktail, and groove to some good music we will be laying down until the wee hours. Hope to see some NYC peeps and extended family out. There are also some great DJs/collectives behind the decks the rest of the month too, glad to be included in such a diverse and talented bunch. Most definitely happy to be a part of the Ace family. More good things to come from Flea Market Funk, so stay tuned.

Check out the facebook event page here.

Visit the Ace Hotel NYC website.

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